Abu Coffee – Panama Geisha (Limited Edition)


Net Weight: 100G


Tangerine, Winey, & Jasmin. 

Flavor Scale:

Extremely Daring

Process: Natural

To be enjoyed in Filter Coffee. V60, or a Chemex. 

Direct Trade

Information about Abu Coffee: 

Harvest season begins in summer, approximately in December, and extends until March, months when the humidity drops, which, combined with the natural shade and the Bajarequemist, achieves the perfect balance for the maturation process. As a result, the cherries develop their maximum potential, optimally intensifying the sugars, and enriching the bean’s flavor.

The virgin rain forests where the ABU COFFEE plantations lie within make of its climate an extraordinary condition to achieve a unique combination of characteristics that make our Geisha one-of-a-kind coffee with personality, intense juicy flavors, and aromatic floral notes. 

ABU COFFEE was named to honor the memory of José Guillermo Luttrell Tedman, the third generation of coffee producers, and to continue his dream of achieving what he considered the best-balanced coffee cup; a Geisha raised with the highest standards of quality. 

That is why “ABU” (short for Abuelo, grandfather in Spanish), as his grandchildren used to call him, represents the legacy of this visionary and passionate lover of Boquete and specialty coffee that we want to preserve for the generations to come. 

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Direct Trade

Net Weight: 100G

Region: CañasVerdes -Boquete

Farm: Hacienda CañasVerdes

Variety: Geisha

Elevation: 1,550 masl.

Shade: 60% by native species of trees

Soil: Volcanic

Slope: South of VolcánBarú

Avg. Temperature: 10°C-23°C

Avg. Rainfall: 3,500 mm

Harvest year: January to March

Harvest Method: 100% handpicking

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Weight 150 g
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